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The Childcare Directory Ltd


Childcare.ie helps thousands of parents every week to find the best childcare or preschool education professionals in Ireland. If you run a childcare or related business in Ireland there are advantages to being part of our community. So why not join today. 

The Childcare.ie Story 

While Jamie Lawlor was running his own busy Creche & Montessori during the late 90’s he realised that on a daily basis he had parents ringing the crèche looking for a place.

I had to tell parents we were full but then the next question was always where someone could find out about different childcare options in the area. At the time the Internet was in its infancy and we all lived with a golden pages in our house

At this point Jamie decided there was a need for the childcare industry in Ireland to embrace the internet and develop the first National Childcare Directory and in 2000 Childcare.ie was launched. As The Childcare Directory Ltd operates as a private company it receives no funding but instead relies on the support of its members.

Childcare.ie has always been about supporting and developing a community around the childcare sector in Ireland but at the same time helping to provide parents with a single location to find what preschool options are available.

From Creche owner to digital manager

From setting up his own crèche in his early twenties, as one of the first men in Ireland to run a childcare business, Jamie has become a recognised name within in the Industry.  With vast business, marketing and digital experience Jamie has mentored start-ups, worked in new product development and for many years been involved in digital development for multiple state run Childcare Committee offices around Ireland.  

I have been lucky having a great team in Childcare.ie over the years. The company has always had a focus on building an in-house support team with a background in childcare or parenting so that they understand our user needs.” 

Why Childcare.ie

Nearly twenty years on the internet has certainly taken over the way we search and while many businesses now have the ability to have their own website, the advantages of being linked to the national childcare directory and its community is still as strong as ever. For many who don’t have the time or money to invest in setting up and running their own website Childcare.ie gives them that important online professional image at a fraction of the cost with unlimited support. 

We have found that parents feel reassured to see a childcare business listed on Childcare.ie and also a local childcare committee website.”

Join the Childcare.ie Community  

Getting listed on Childcare.ie is very easy; we have a full time team to help you. Having your business listed on Childcare.ie enhances your brand image and connects you with thousands of parents every week.  

If you would like more information on Childcare.ie please get in touch through our contact page

Getting listed is very simple. While many professional providers have been members with us since we first started in 2000, saying they would never not renew, for your peace of mind we still offer a no contract monthly option that you can cancel at any time – join now.